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The Universal Menu System (umenu) Open Source Project

Needed Programming and Documentation Tasks

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Copyright (C) 1999-2002 by Steve Litt

Menu Designers

A menu is only as good as its structure. The most wonderful menu program in the world is ineffective and disrespected if not backed up by a good, intelligent menu structure. Different menu structures are useful in different situations.

Our project is desperate for menu designers. If you have a menu design, or want to design menus, please email Steve Litt immediately.

Menu Possibilities:

Configuration Tutorial

We desperately need a tutorial to help people configure the menu system (menu definition files). The tutorial should be mostly about configuring with a text editor, because the,,,,,, utilities are crude and likely to change. However, there might be something on trude and likely to change. However, there might be something on those utilities toward the end, especially since they're now accessible through the sample menu (x) included with the version 0.5.0 distro.

Note that we anticipate that most UMENU configuration will be done with the EMDL language and the EMDL to UMENU converter. Those must be doumented.


This project has big potential. We need a "brain trust", if you will, to determine the best path for this project. One person cannot do this alone.
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Copyright (C) 1999-2002 by Steve Litt