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The Universal Menu System (umenu)
GPL Project

Copyright (C) 1999-2004, 2009 by Steve Litt

New Installation Philosophy

Much has been added to UMENU since its 1999 creation. It now requires my EMDL package and my package, both of which have been offered only as separate addons until now. As a result, installation and integration of UMENU was impossibly difficult for the average user. Therefore, in October of 2009 I repackaged the existing UMENU 0.7.0 with an integrated EMDL parser and and added a new default menu enabling user friendly building of new menus.

In other words, the new package is a new package, not a new version.

But packaging is everything. The new package is contained in one tree, which defaults to $HOME/.umenu. Installation is as simple as untarring the tarball and running a simple program. From there on, you have a user friendly menu driven program to do everything else you need. The new distribution depends only on Perl, and nothing depends on the new package. It's almost completely self-contained, making it robustly modular and trivially easy.


Here's how you install UMENU:
cd $HOME
tar xzvf umenu-0.7.0-easyinstall_20091014.tgz
cd .umenu/program
The preceding does a standard install and config. The config consists of setting the browser and the editor for the built in menu.

And here's how you use it, running the built in menu:
cd $HOME/.umenu/program
./ firstmenu
The built-in menu contains all documentation, ability to set the editor and browser, and everything necessary to create, edit, compile, transfer and run EMDL files. An EMDL file defines and implements a new menu system.

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