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Troubleshooters.Com was once quite the Windows resource. In the near future we'll add content on using Linux to troubleshoot Windows. But for the time being, if you enjoy Windows from the days when you didn't need the Internet to install Windows, here are some articles:

Linux is like a map. You know what is connected to what. Windows is like sets of directions. First you click here, then you fill in this, then you click there and fill in that. With respect to anything but the simplest troubleshooting, organizing your knowledge as a map works much better than organizing your knowledge as sets of directions. This is why Linux, especially distributions with diagnostics, that run off a CD, is such a productive Windows troubleshooting and repair tool.

This document is by no means an exhaustive treatise on Windows troubleshooting, but it does provide a pretty good starting point when Windows doesn't run correctly, and provides an excellent source for retrieving still-retrievable data. First I'll tell a story, and then, in articles throughout this document, I'll discuss troubleshooting and repair moves.