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Just Say No to Greedware

Greedware. It's nothing new. Some folks aren't content with honest pay.

So they slime the competition with FUD and vaporware, and raise prices once the competition's dead. They hire hoards of inferior people to create an inferior product, and disclaim bugs in the license. The greedware guys place anti-transfer language in their license.

So now the greedware fat cats aren't content with their obscene profits. Now they want the whole pie. Hence UCITA. Microsoft has gone on record as supporting UCITA. I guess they're scared their product wouldn't survive in a fair competition and fair marketplace.

UCITA is protectionism, plain and simple. Remember the protectionism bequeathed to the U.S. car industry in the 1980's? American car companies got fat and sloppy. Their lemons broke, stalled, and cost owners a fortune. Remember the famous lookalike cars at GM? And in spite of the tariffs, Japanese cars took over the American marketplace. We lifted the tariffs, and American car manufacturers began to compete. Today American cars compare favorably to Japanese cars.

UCITA may be defeated in the legislature or it may be struck down in the courts. If not, we may be forced to live with it for several years. Eventually it will go the way of the American car tariffs. But as long as UCITA exists, commercial software will become ever buggier (you think it's buggy now :-).

From this point until the defeat or repeal of UCITA, don't buy commercial software. And even after UCITA's gone, remember who supported UCITA and who sold buggy software. Boycott greedware.

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Copyright (C) 1999 by Steve Litt