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I'm (no longer) Boycotting Virginia

    By Steve Litt

On 2/16/2000 the Virginia house of representatives passed UCITA.  Soon after, I began boycotting all products, services, and organizations from Virginia, except for Virginia companies that publicly and conspicuously called for the repeal of UCITA, and in no way tried to take advantages of UCITA's provisions nor work for UCITA behind the scenes.

I gave up my boycott about 6 months later. First and foremost, I had good customers in Virginia, and if I boycott vendors there then shouldn't I also boycott customers? I wasn't willing to. When Maryland passed UCITA, I didn't even bother with a boycott, although I rejected a service because it had a Maryland component and I felt that jeopardized their ability to deal with me fairly.

Today I'm not boycotting any UCITA states, but if the truth be known I stay away from their services to a great degree to prevent myself from becoming embroiled in UCITA inspired litigation.

You can read more about UCITA on the Surviving UCITA web page.

Copyright (C) 2000 by Steve Litt