Troubleshooters.Com Symptom Description Wizard (Beta -- takes a while to load)

Sorry, the Symptom Description Wizard requires a Java enabled browser.

Troubleshooters.Com Symptom Description Wizard (Beta)


Use tab and shift-tab keys to go from field to field. The buttons on top will show you your progress. Be sure, however, to fill out every field before copying the symptom description to a file or email.

If you wish to skip back to a former screen, you can do so quickly by clicking the corresponding button on top.

Although there are quite a few questions, filling out your Sympom Description Wizard should take only a few minutes because each question has been designed for as short as possible an answer. A properly thought out symptom description will save you hours of troubleshooting time.

Please email me with any bugs in this Symptom Description Wizard.

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