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Links to VimOutliner Content Written By Steve Litt

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The following are links to outlining essays and VO content written by Steve Litt:

"Outlines: The Do Everything Tool". This is an essay on outlining, written in November 1999, before the existence of VimOutliner. It discusses why outline, and under what conditions. Ironically, in this document the eventual author of VimOutliner asks if anyone knows of a Linux outliner project so he can join it.

"Vim 6: A Great Linux Outliner". Vim version 6, with folding, came out in mid 2001. Folding enabled real outlining. This article describes the original roots of what one day would become VimOutliner.

The original VimOutliner website. Contains the original project charter which defines VO as a fast input system. Also, purely for historical purposes, contains downloads of some really ancient VO versions.

"A Free Software Project Moves On". This describes the history of VimOutliner from the time Steve Litt's seventh grade teacher taught him to outline to the day Steve Litt passed the project on to Noel Henson.

Video of Steve Litt's VimOutliner presentation at LEAP-CF 6/19/2003.