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What is VimOutliner?

VimOutliner (often abreviated VO) is a computer program to create and modify outlines. It uses the Vim editor as its basic engine, and shares most of Vim's keystrokes. VimOutliner has been designed from the bottom up for maximum input speed, so it's ideal for taking notes, brainstorming, outlining books and other projects, etc. It runs under both Linux and Windows. It's free software (GPL v2). It has the following features:


The latest tested version is 0.3.5. You can download it as a tarball (.tgz), vimball (.vba) or .zip file at If for some reason that's not available, you can download from this website the 0.3.5 tarball or vimball or zipfile., but remember, the newest versions are always available at the GitHub site.

0.3.4 is an earlier version, which you can download here.


Many Linux distributions have VimOutliner packages. Unfortunately, not all of them work right. If yours doesn't work right, use the download from this website, and use its install script. If you're the "trust but verify" type of person, you can open in an editor to see what it's doing. It's pretty easy to understand. Install VimOutliner as a regular user, because it installs in the user's home directory, not computer wide.