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Litt's VNC Vestibule

Copyright (C) 2005 by Steve Litt, All rights reserved. Material provided as-is, use at your own risk. 

Steve Litt is the author of the Universal Troubleshooting Process Courseware,
which can be presented either by Steve or by your own trainers.

He is also the author of Troubleshooting Techniques of the Successful Technologist,
Rapid Learning: Secret Weapon of the Successful Technologist, and Samba Unleashed.

Welcome to our little vestibule. Here we'll discuss VNC: its uses, its quirks, and how to get greatest advantage from it.

TightVNC Server on Win98

There's nothing quite like accessing your headless Windows box from a VNC session on your Linux box. But to do that, you must get around some gotchas.

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