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Slashdot's Robin Miller keynotes at Orlando CTS - 5/15/2002

Get a chance to talk Robin up close and personal in a smaller venue. Click here for more details. There are plenty of other speakers and a Linux booth.

Websphere presentation by IBM! - 9/20/2001 7PM

IBM marketing and technical people will give a presentation of Websphere on Thursday, September 20, 2001 at 7pm, at the Linux Enthusiasts and Professionals meeting, in Orlando Florida at DeVry:

DeVry Institute Campus
4000 Millenia Blvd
Orlando, FL 32809

For driving directions, see Yahoo Maps, but look up 4000 Americana to get within a couple hundred feet.

Isn't it about time Linux people got some big iron big bucks? Now we can, thanks to Websphere, big iron web building software from IBM that runs on Linux. If you're a programmer or web developer, or think you might like to be, and want to work with big, stable corporations, Websphere just might be the answer.

At this presentation you'll learn more about the world of websphere, and also be taught to make a simple proof of concept Websphere app on your Linux machine. If you haven't gotten involved with Websphere because you need experience to get the job, this is your opportunity to break the vicious circle.

No pressure, but the room seats about 50 people, with a little possibility for standing room. We expect this presentation to be very popular, so you'll want to get there early.

Steve Litt on a Panel Discussion - 10/13/2001

Steve Litt will participate in the "Integrating Open Source (Linux)" roundtable at Florida Association of Computer User Groups, Inc. Fall  Conference 2001, Saturday, October 13, 2001, at 10:30am. It's hosted by the Polk Computer Users Group, Inc. at:

Imperial Lakes Country Club
6 Country Club Lane
Mulberry, Florida  33860.

For driving directions, see

You can see more information

Regex Lifeboat and Speedboat - 7/19/2001

Steve Litt gave this presentation 7/19/2001 at 7pm, at the Linux Enthusiasts and Professionals meeting, in Orlando Florida at DeVry.

Regular expressions (regex) are a cross platform string identification and modification tool available in C, C++, Perl, Python, awk, sed, vi, grep, locate, and many other tools. Although most pervasive in UNIX type operating systems, regular expressions are used in Windows and other OS's.

The first part of this presentation was a newbie introduction, assuming the newbie has some knowledge of Linux or UNIX type operating systems. The second part was advanced and quick paced. I can give this presentation anywhere in Central Florida. The slides are here.

Migrating Your Business to the Linux Desktop

Steve Litt gave this presentation at ITEC in Jacksonville Florida June 13 and 14, 2001. The slideshow is at

Introduction to Practical XML

Steve Litt gave this presentation 12/14/2000 at 7pm, at the Linux Enthusiasts and Professionals meeting, in Orlando Florida at DeVry.

Here is the course handout, and a .tar.gz of the course handout. You'll need to click the back button or your browser's "go" function to get back here.

This presentation's objective is to enable attendees to walk away with the ability to write XML enabled apps. Included will be detailed explanations of a seven line Python XML "Hello World" program, and a DOMwalker program that manipulates DOM object's nodes and prints the nodes of an XML document. Python is used due to its readability, but the principles discussed will be language independent. If you like the instructional materials on Troubleshooters.Com, you'll love this presentation.

The presentation will include an overview of the W3C DOM specification, and how it relates to XML development. DOM is one of the two major methods of representing XML in memory (SAX is the other). Attendees will leave with enough DOM knowledge to write their own apps.

If you've been frustrated with existing XML books restricting coverage to XML tag syntax, and ignoring interfacing to XML programatically, this presentation is for you.

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