LyX: Lifeboat, Speedboat and Yacht
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Course: LYX: Lifeboat, Speedboat and Yacht
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What is LyX?
Understanding LyX Through Contrasts
LyX Facts and Myths
LyX Help Files
LyX Hello World
Writing a letter
Making a Book
Structure Environments:
Listing Environments
Document Environments
Special Text Environments
Misc Environments
Changing the Font
Changing Paragraph Spacing and Indentation
Setting Margins
Other Document Layout Tabs
2 Column Output
Making the Columns Farther Apart
Adding a Table of Contents
Changing Table of Contents Detail
Adding a Graphic
Creating a Table
Sizing a Table
LyX Documentation Resources
LyX Yacht
Making Your Own Styles
Color Pseudo-Character-Styles
Making Your Own Layout
A Layout Debugging Script
Making a New Environment
Layout Explanation
Symlinking the .layout File
LyX Code vs. LaTeX Code
LyX vs. LaTeX Table
LyX vs. LaTeX Fonts
Exercise: Making a Note Environment
The Subclass Riff
Scoping Attributes
Separating Commands from Text
Changing Vertical Spacing
Learning by Reverse Engineering
Headers and Footers
A Header/Footer Diagnostic Example
Chapter and Section Names in Header
LyX Speedboat
Part and Chapter in header
What Doesn't Work
How to Do It
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