Regex, Lifeboat and Speedboat
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Regex: Lifeboat and Speedboat
Regular Expression Lifeboat
What are Regular Expressions?
How are Regular Expressions Used?
Behold the Power of Regex: Retrieving Phone Numbers
Look Where You Can Use Regex Power
Regex Advantages
Regex Hello World
Anatomy of a Typical Regex
Regex Character Sets
Regex Character Set Examples
Typical Regex Character Set Shortcuts
Posix Character Sets
Regex Positional Wildcards
Enumerator Shortcuts
Escaping Special Characters
Special Search Modifiers
Retrieving Matched Material
Lifeboat Summary
Regex Speedboat
Greedy Matching
Perl Shortest Matching
Perl Shortest and Latest Matching
Short and Late Without the Question Mark
A More Refined Version
IP Addresses Grepper
Slick VI Field Switcher
VI Title Case Converter
Head Hurtin Example: Decommenter
Maximum Strenth Aspirin Needed: awk Phone Number Extracter
Speedboat Summary
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