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Pacman Basic Essentials Cheatsheet

Pacman from Arch and Manjaro is a great package manager, but is unfamiliar to many. This page contains a very basic cheatsheet with the essentials to get you started in pacman. This cheatsheet deliberately excludes a great many lesser used commands to make it easy for you to see at a glance the commands to update/upgrade, install, and fix key signature problems.

Task Command Notes
Update and upgrade all pacman -Syu Update and upgrade best done as package deal
Solve "bad key sig" problems pacman -S \
Doesn't always work
Solve "bad key sig" problems pacman -S \
For Manjaro specific keys
Exclude bad signature package pacman -Syu \
--ignore badpkgname
Do if pacman -S archlinux-keyring didn't work
Install specific package pacman -S pkgname
Find available packages pacman -Ss keyword Like apt-cache search
Find available local packages pacman -Qs keyword Like -Ss but local only
List all files from package pacman -Ql pkgname
Find your distro version lsb_release -a

If the preceding cheat sheet doesn't contain the commands you need, then you're ready for the much more complex Pacman Rosetta page. Then later, to re-remember run of the mill pacman commands, return here.

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