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Copyright (C) 2005, 2008, 2009 by Steve Litt, All rights reserved. Material provided as-is, use at your own risk.

LyX Quickstart (2002) Gets you started quickly with LyX, and also serves as a great reference. Detailed listing of LyX and LaTeX commands. This document starts light but toward the end contains some heavy duty examples. This is my single most useful LyX document, but I've learned some things since writing it in 2002. Therefore, I suggest after reading this document you keep going down the list through the 2007 documents.
Steve Litt's Sure Fire Way to Create LyX Layouts (2009) For various reasons discussed in this document, some people using some LyX versions tear their hair out trying to get new LyX layouts to work with their documents. I was one of the hair-ripped people until I discovered the secrets in this document.
makeindex Options, Including Minimum Range Sizes (2008) Read this before you start indexing! If an index range is 18-19, do you want it listed as a range, or just page 18? You can do either. Do you want to change the delimiters between page numbers or the dash in ranges? No problem. This page shows you how to make the makeindex program do whatever you want.
Compiling LyX 1.5x: Avoiding the Landmines (2008) LyX 1.5 drops support for xforms and Qt 3. On certain distros in certain circumstances this can cause great frustration while compiling. This page also contains info on configuring LyX 1.5 for a look and feel similar to earlier LyX versions, and running 1.5 in parallel to your existing 1.4.
Making Your Own Lists in LaTeX and LyX (2007) If you need something not offered by the itemize, enumerate or description environments, this is how you roll your own lists.
Lyx, LaTeX and TeX (2007) To make the most of LyX, you need to know LaTeX. To really understand LaTeX, you need to know TeX.
LyX Gotchas (2005) Here are some LyX Landmines, and how to avoid them.
Birth of a Book (2002) This Troubleshooting Professional Magazine issue discusses the challenges I faced writing books in Linux, the decision to go with LyX, the challenges, and the outcome.
LyX Lifeboat, Speedboat and Yacht presentation (2002) First presented by Steve Litt at LEAP-CF 10/17/2002. There's also a .tgz downloadable version of this slideshow.
LyX Lifeboat etc, Downloadable version (2002)

The following links are at least somewhat obsolete, but you might find some useful information in them.
Litt's LaTeX Laboratory (2005) For the most part, this is superceded by LyX, LaTeX and TeX. However, it has a nice compile script. Unless you want to accept your document class's styles in toto, you need LaTeX expertise to create your own styles. Here a few basic tips. See also LyX, LaTeX and TeX.
Using Lyx to Write Self-Published Books (2001) Lyx requires a tough committment and may not be right for you. But some folks wouldn't write a book using any other software.
The Best and Worst of LyX (2001) Face it, LyX outputs professional books, but it also has some problems. Forewarned is forearmed.

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