vi: Power, Speed and Ubiquitous
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Title Page
You might be a vi-neck if:
vi    ^*&%*^
vi Lifeboat
Getting In and Out
Getting Around
Typing text
Misc Commands
Using Help
Next step after newbie: Insert methods
vi Lifeboat Summary
vi Speedboat
Nitromethane vi
vi Programming Support
Function Navigation with Tags
Data file Demo: Objectives
Demo: Register Operations
Demo: Creating the firstname records
Demo: Creating the lastname records: Phase 1
Demo: Creating the lastname records: Phase 2
 Demo: Add employee numbers
Demo: Further arrangements
Demo: Make the file fixed length sequential
What we've learned: Coding in vi
What we've learned: Kewl features
Where do you want to go today?

Copyright (C) 2000 by Steve Litt, you can freely distribute unmodified copies if this copyright notice is intact

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