Predefined Diagnostic: Linux Server with Windows Clients

Copyright (C) 1998 by Steve Litt. All rights reserved.

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This predefined diagnostic is designed to give maximum Troubleshooting results in minimum time with the majority of Linux server problems. It has been optimized for a situation where the Windows client and Linux server are close enough to quickly go back and forth. It loses efficiency where traveling between the two takes more than a couple minutes. In such a case the best move might be to do all the pings at the Windows machine, then do the pings at the Linux machine, then use the diagnostic to evaluate the results.

This predefined diagnostic WILL NOT solve everything. You may need to form your own diagnostic, but chances are the preliminary information gleaned from this predefined diagnostic will help you if you must go "off road". Although this diagnostic is based on Red Hat 5.1, it should be helpful with other environments.

Does the Linux server hang while booting: