Maps From "The Key to Everyday Excellence"

Copyright (C) 2013 by Steve Litt, all rights reserved

This page contains all the maps necessary to trace characters' movements in the book, The Key to Everyday Excellence. This book explains how to use the following processes:

Please feel free to refer to these maps when reading the book:

Larry's Immediate Neighborhood

Larry's neighborhood is bordered on the West by Industrial Highway, North by Dawson Ave, the East by Detroit Ave, the South by Jenkins Memorial Highway. Landmarks include Larry's apartment, Maria's apartment, the stairway where Tito's gang hung out, the library where Larry tutored, O'Connor Plastics, where Larry worked, and the park where Larry came into conflict with John Ryerson, and met Barber, Stepper, Lupe and Nelda.

Larry's immediate

Area Surrounding Larry's Neighborhood

The area around Larry's immediate neighorhood contains a Homeless Heaven (later Justicetown), Larry's campsite, the town of Northmore, St. Colette's and Annunciation churches.

Area surrounding
      Larry's neighborhood

Area Accessible by Bicycle

This map shows the entire area, with Larry's bike rides of 9/11 and 9/24-9/25. Larry overnighted at the Homeless Heaven, on Carson and Pfinger, the night of 9/24.

Area accessible by bicycle

Downtown Habersham

Here's a map of downtown Habersham and the area immediately north, complete with the library, Octagon Books, the Habersham High School, and the Burger King:

Downtown Habersham