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The Key to Everyday Excellence

By Steve Litt 
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PDF (eBook), 350 pages, 110,000 words

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"Why didn't I think of that ten minutes earlier?"

If that's not the most frustrating question in the English language, I don't know what is. Remember how you felt the last time you asked yourself that question after something important, like a business meeting, leadership situation, negotiation, or a discussion with a friend or lover? Remember what you lost for want of the proper words or actions at the right time? That feeling will be much rarer once you read The Key to Everyday Excellence.

When you ask yourself why you didn't think of it ten minutes earlier, what it really means is that you knew the solution or next step. You've even solved similar situations before. But the answer, solution, or right way to proceed remained locked in your subconscious until it was too late.

And when this happens to you, you know the cost: A lost opportunity, a bad group decision, failure to secure a promotion or appointment, a bad score on a test, a subpar algorithm, a romantic or family problem, a bitterly contested negotiation that could have been a win-win situation, a sports loss, or even a computer network administration failure.

It doesn't have to be this way. You can use Scan and Exploit to get the answer in real time, instead of ten minutes too late.

Scan and Exploit is a process for real time performance. It's the main subject of The Key to Everyday Excellence. If this were an infomercial, I wouldn't tell you exactly what Scan and Exploit is. You'd have to read the book. But this is a Troubleshooters.Com Bookstore book information page, so I'll tell you exactly what it is, straight out of the book:

Definition of Scan and Exploit

You scan your current situation for patterns you recognize and know how to take advantage of, and then exploit those patterns to advance you to a better position to achieve your goal. Repeat until you reach your goal.

The way you exploit patterns is to use actions, techniques, or tools. "Better position" doesn't mean advancing as the crow flies, it means advancing on the twisty path to the goal.

And here's Scan and Exploit expressed as a process:

The Scan and Exploit Process

  1. Know your tools and techniques.
  2. Scan the current situation for patterns related to those tools and techniques.
  3. Exploit a pattern with the proper tool or technique.
  4. Go to step 2 and start over.

Now's the time I'm supposed to tell you to buy the book this very second. Maybe even make you a "good only right now" type offer. But this isn't an infomercial, so instead, I suggest that if you have any doubt about Scan and Exploit, try out the preceding four step process for a few days, and see if it helps you in real time situations. If not, don't buy the book at all. If it does help, buy the book. Here's why...

The Key to Everyday Excellence makes you feel Scan and Exploit. Reading this book enables you to understand Scan and Exploit down to the core of your soul. You'll live it. You'll implicitly understand its details, its concepts, its philosophy, and its derivation. Your real time performance gain will astonish you.

The reason The Key to Everyday Excellence is so effective in integrating Scan and Exploit into your very being is its educational fiction format. You learn right along with the characters. You feel what they feel. You celebrate, fear and grieve the results of their actions. You'll see Scan and Exploit used in several completely different situations, and you'll see how it was applied to each situation.

You'll Also Learn These Derived Processes

Reading this book, you'll see Scan and Exploit used to derive several other very valuable processes, including:

  • Continuous Improvement Skill Transfer Process
  • Targeted Skill Transfer Process
  • Process Factory Process

Continuous Improvement Skill Transfer Process

This is a seven step process by which you watch others performing tasks, and improve your own skills by doing so. The reason this is impressive is that the skills you develop can be completely different than the skills the observed people displayed. For instance, you could watch a street artist painting and selling his paintings, and use what you observed to double your technical writing productivity.

Targeted Skill Transfer Process

This seven step process is similar to the preceding Skill Transfer Process, except you use it to acquire a specific skill. If you decided you needed to improve your sysadmin skills, this is how you'd do it.

Process Factory Process

Humans are at their most efficient when following a process. Whether it's a pre-flight checklist, the Universal Troubleshooting Process, or the scientific method, humans perform better when following a process. The Process Factory Process enables you to create and document processes to be used by you or others.

What Others Are Saying

Here what people are saying about The Key to Everyday Excellence:

  • "The Key to Everday Excellence is a wonderful addition to my library...I am always looking for ways to improve human performance or short-cut my way to Personal Freedom and Success"
  • "Enjoying the book. I'm up to about Chapter 25."
  • I just started to read your book last night and so far its great!"
  • “Excellent Book!!!! “
  • “I love the story format, so far away from reading other self help textbooks. I devoured it while I was vacationing at the cottage. Even though I was in vacation mode it did get the mental juices flowing! I will have to read it again soon to see what I missed as my mind drifted toward the dock occasionally. Keep up the good work!"

Prepare For What You Can't Prepare For

I'm a huge fan of preparation. Every competent person is. But you can't prepare for everything. Things happen fast in the heat of battle. Unexpected things. First time things. Using past experience, you need to think on your feet. You need to Scan and Exploit. That's what separates achievers from those who figure it out ten minutes too late.

The Key to Everyday Excellence helps you come out on top in a wide variety of situations. It prepares you for what you can't prepare for. Just one victory, in a job interview, in office or corporate politics, in a family situation, or a hundred other circumstances, can pay for this book a hundred times over. Go ahead and purchase The Key to Everyday Excellence. You'll be glad you did.

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